Welcome to the All Terrain 4x4 website!

Driving Off-road is a gentle art which is achieved through practice and experience.
Discover how to control your 4x4 with precision, using simple tried and tested techniques.
One of the age old tips is to “drive as slow as possible and as fast as necessary”.

This website is for you, if you :

- have just bought a 4x4 and don’t want to damage it Off-road

- want to get the Accredited Training according to SAQA and TETA

- in Government , Nature Conservation, Police, Forensics , Universities, Commercial Companies

- have a 4x4 vehicle and would like to use the vehicle for trips or wish to acquire new skills

- want to learn how to minimize your impact on the environment

- are looking for a fun filled adventure driving original CJ2 Willy’s Jeeps

- are looking to purchase recovery equipment

- Or want to arrange a group training session, teambuilding or corporate event

- are a Tourist needing a 4x4 vehicle, advice, training or planning a trip into Africa.

The price of any 4x4 course is cheaper than replacing a damaged tyre or gearbox and you will gain knowledge and experience each training task presented to you.


  • ONE-ON-ONE personalized training OR for small groups thus ensuring individual quality training

  • SAQA/TETA Accredited and Certified 4x4 Off-road Driving and Recovery Courses

  • GIFT CERTIFICATES …a 4x4 Course as a gift

  • FUN 4x4 Off Road rides in the original 1947 WILLY’s JEEPS OR normal 4x4s "Guided 4x4 Trips and Tours". To read more about this please visit our CAPE WOW FACTOR website by click on the image below:

  • CORPORATE & TEAMBUILDING 4x4 Days which include sand boarding, quad bikes, treasure hunts and more

  • 4x4 VEHICLES and Instructor/drivers for Film Shoots or Events
All Instructors used are Certified and Accredited by TETA (see referal and reference pages for more information)
All Training Material is TETA certified and accredited

Certificates are issued upon completion of the course(s).
These may be submitted to your Insurance company where some do offer you discounted premiums

 Contact Trevor Knutsen mobile: +27 (0)82-775-4941 home: +27 (0)21-553-3390 email: trevor@allterrain4x4.co.za  www.allterrain4x4.co.za

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