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    ABOUT ALL TERRAIN 4x4 cc and Trevor Knutsen

Trevor drove his first 4x4, a Toyota Landcruiser and also tractors at his first job in 1975 for the CSIR and since 1990 have been actively involved in all aspects of 4x4’ing. This includes training, repairs, selling and re-building of 4x4s. In the past 8 years he has constructed and maintained 4x4 training tracks and personally trained over 2000 people. Trevor has worked with corporate groups and vehicle launches of up to 400 people at a time.

He also has over 25 year’s experience in all aspects of the film and the broadcast video production industry.

HHe trains and does courses on all major brands and even vehicles from the old originals (classics) to the newest, latest, electronically-aided 4x4’s. To maintain the highest training standards he constantly goes on various training courses.

He strongly upholds and supports eco-friendly practices and that is why he trains the way he does – personalised, practical and with a strong emphasis on eco-friendly driving techniques.

He strongly believes in sharing our knowledge to preserve the earth as we traverse over it.

ALL TERRAIN 4x4 cc originated as TERRANTULA in 2002

After leaving the Cape Technikon 1999 where he was doing Film and TV Production as well as lecturing , he felt that there was a need for 4x4 Driver training as many people who either purchased 4x4s would do test drives at Melkbos 4x4 and some rather interesting scenarios would occur…

After leaving the Cape Technikon 1999 where he was doing Film and TV Production as well as lecturing, in 2000, Trevor was the appointed LADA agent by CMH under NISSAN in Cape Town and in 2002 he felt that there was a need for 4x4 Driver training and went on his own.

For 8 years he has Originated and built and maintained Training Tracks at Melkbos 4x4 , LandRover Experience (Manager and Trainer 2004 ) Wellington Wild Olive Eco track and assisted with Training / advice at a number of other venues and branded events.
Trevor also works on a regular basis with Goodyear Klippbokkop Academy and other Brands and 4x4 Trainers as he feels we all wish for the same thing and that is to promote Safety and Skills Off-Road and Eco Tourism.
He believes in sharing knowledge and has done numerous Courses and also registered as a SATOUR Off-Road Guide.

These details are available if anyone wishes to see them.

ALLTERRAIN 4x4 cc Aims to prevent Injury or Damage to The environment, people, wildlife and also vehicles
and have developed our own Training Manuals, materials and Aids towards this aim.

To date Trevor is involved in conjunction with other Trainers in the origin of SANOTA (see and the NOW process ( over five years of Strategy and planning towards self regulation of off-road vehicles with Government and DEA )

ALL TERRAIN 4x4 works with TETA accredited companies and SAQA Unit Standards and uses certified Instructors so as to be able to offer SAQA /TETA approved Training .
Trevor is an Accredited Assessor and Moderator as well.



 Contact Trevor Knutsen mobile: +27 (0)82-775-4941 home: +27 (0)21-553-3390 email:

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