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MegaXplore Complimentary 4×4 Training

MegaXplore Complimentary Level 1 4x4 Training
All Terrain 4×4 Entrusted

A long-standing relationship with MegaXplore in the Western Cape sees All-Terrain 4×4 being entrusted to conduct all the 4×4 training for Club members. The Complimentary Level 1 course is offered free of charge to any member or 1 family member of MegaXplore club.

On Saturday, 20 February 2021, this course was hosted once again All-Terrain 4×4’s facility on Zevenwacht Wine Estate.

MegaXplore Complimentary 4×4 Training
a family affair

A total of 10 vehicles pitched for the day; many bringing some support along in the form of a family member or friend. A day like this always starts with a 1 hour theory session, followed by a 3 hour practical driving session. The focus is on vehicle systems, safety, and basic rules and techniques associated with safe and responsible off-road driving.

In the group were a couple of novice drivers, others having some experience but wanting to learn more, and others just wanting to find out more about their vehicles’ capabilities and features.

Encouraging to see that we are experiencing more and more husbands or dads bringing their wives or daughters for training. We truly think that this is a safe and wise choice, especially if you intend doing off-road trips with your family.

MegaXplore Complimentary 4×4 Training
exciting times

Getting to the training track, our guests were greeted with the awesome views over Cape Town, and of course the intimidating views of our slopes and cross-overs. After an intensive demonstration and discussion on the 4WD systems in vehicles, our guests started putting their vehicles and driving skills to the test.

Under the watchful eyes of instructors Trevor and Francois, initial anxiety changed into visible excitement. Amazement was also seen on many faces once the drivers got the confidence and belief in their own abilities, but also the capabilities of their vehicles.

MegaXplore Complimentary 4×4 Training
megaxplore club members

We would like to thank each and every MegaXplore member attending the day for their willingness to learn and the spirit in which they approached the day. Thank you also to 4×4 Mega World who are the custodians of the MegaXplore club, for entrusting us with the training of their members in the Western Cape.

Courses are scheduled every 2 months, with dates made available on social media. Other courses offered includes the Sand Driving & Recovery course.

MegaXplore Complimentary 4×4 Training
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